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The Rarámuri people, whose name translates in their Tarahumara tongue to “light feet,” is an indigenous group from the Sierra Madre mountains of Northern Mexico.

For over 10,000 years, the Rarámuri have lived in remote dwellings nestled among the region’s highest peaks and separated from surrounding areas by difficult terrain.  The simple task of gathering water – a domestic chore left to the women – requires walking or running for as much as four hours. The distance and difficulty of accessing the closest schools lead many of these women to abandon their studies early.  

Although their rich culture is shaped by many elements, the Rarámuris are nearly always defined by the media as gifted runners. This project seeks to shed light on the many other attributes that shape their culture, exploring the symbolism that defines their collective identity, their close bonds with nature, and the many rituals and traditions they’ve developed around the agricultural calendar.

The ultimate goal of this project is to form a more intimate portrait of the Tarahumara women by considering not only their daily lives but their deepest yearnings and approach to celebrating life through art and dance. 

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